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ideas about new debbugs system

hi :)

there was some talk about a new bts lately (please excuse any delay,
i've been on vacation), so i'll add my ideas:

not only store the first version affected, but also the first that fixes
the bug.
this may already be in the todo list, as manoj noted
'version(s) the bug is associated with'

first-affected version is the version reported in the bug report.
first-fixed version is the version of the upload that includes
'Closes: #...' in the changelog.
one could even allow to set several intervals of affected versions,
or whatever.

if that version info is maintained correctly, we will get some
nice goodies:

we always know what bugs are open in a given distribution, without
having to maintain special tags for the bug.
this is especially interesting if we create more distributions,
as proposed by Raphael.

we can better deduce the importance of an version change.
this should be important for the testing scripts, as they always
know which bugs get affected by choosing one version over the other.

PS: please Cc replies to me. thanks

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