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Using package version info in the BTS

(Apologies if this has been asked about before..)

Would it be possible to record which version(s) of a package were affected by
a particular bug? The advantages of this (that I can think of, I'm sure there
are more):

	- people using stable (like me) could find out if their problems are
	  caused by a known bug, without having to grovel over the whole
	  "archived bugs" listings.

	- it would be easier to filter out RC bugs that only apply to stable
	  or unstable, and not testing.

My initial thought would be to have a "in-versions" field for each bug (maybe
with a better name), that would contain list of versions or version ranges.
For existing bugs, the start version could be extracted from the "Version: "
pseudo-header, where it exists, and the "end version" could be found by
grovelling over the changelogs, or the automated close messages generated
from them.

Merging bugs would have to compute the union of the version sets.

Once that is done, the web interface can be enhanced in all sorts of
useful/interesting ways -- as should bugview(1), probably.

Any comments?

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