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DDTP: Syntax errors in Translation-de file


I noticed a syntax error in Translation-de as obtained from

Package: seaview
Description-md5: bf0efbfbcbfece3da1963d82d504e083
Description-de: Editor für Multiple Sequenzalignments^M
 SeaView ist von Manolo Gouy entwickelter, grafischer Editor für Multiple

As you can see there is a linebreak in the short description which is
invalid as the next line has a non space in column 1 but is no valid

There is also another entry for this package in the same file:

Package: seaview
Description-md5: 6205d298c5361a22533d28bebd58c676
Description-de: Editor für Multiple Sequenzalignments
 SeaView ist ein von Manolo Gouy entwickelter, grafischer Editor für

I'm also not sure whether it is OK to find two empty lines as separator in
this file. There is only one example for it:

Package: xchat
Description-md5: 0370c60ddc73ff6adff8453648bc7334
Description-de:  IRC Klient für X, vergleichber mit AmIRC.
 XChat ist ein gaphischer IRC Klient, aufgebaut auf der GTK+ Bibiliothek.
 Das 'look-and-feel' stammen vom Amiga's AmIRC; weitere Highlihts sind die
 mIRC Erweiterungen 'DCC RESUME' und mIRC 'Colour', mehrfache Server/Channel
 Fenster, Dialog Fenster und eine API für Plugins.

Package: xcin

It would also be nice if the webfrontend would also allow access to
descriptions starting with a digit such as 3dchess.

Older errors I already reported:
 * The packages agenda.app, alevtd, amphetamine, anjuta, attal, bastet,
   camstream, chasen-dictutils, csound, driftnet, eog, fbtv ... have
   multiple active IDs (194 packages are affected)!
   This means http://ddtp.debian.net/a.html contains
    42263: sid 2008-01-04...2008-04-12; lenny 2008-02-14...2008-04-12; 
      117: sid 2005-07-16...2008-04-12; etch 2005-07-16...2008-04-12; lenny 2007-06-14...2007-12-31; 
   where both descriptions (42263 and 117) are currently contained in Sid which
   is of course not possible.


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