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Re: Bug#1025814: dput-ng: dcut: taunting documentation about 0-day upload differences

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On Fri, Dec 09, 2022 at 11:04:46AM -0800, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
>            -d, --days=DAYS
>                           Reschedule the upload to DAYS days. Takes a
>                           numeric argument from 0 to 15 corresponding to
>                           the respective delayed queues. Note, 0-day is
>                           not the same as uploading to incoming
>                           straight.
> So, 0-day is not the same as uploading directly, that much is clear, but
> ... how is it different?

Well, uploading directly means uploading to ftp:/pub/UploadQueue/
whereas uploading to 0-day means uploading to
ftp:/pub/UploadQueue/DELAYED/0-day/ ...

(incidentally, that mention of "incoming" is also wrong: incoming is the
archive (hmm is it only a suite nowadays?) where uploads are accepted
*into* before dinstall; it has nothing to do with the uploading queues

> Does that mean I should not use 0-day?  Where
> is documentation about the differences? Does it really matter for any
> practical purposes?

Practical differences for the uploader however… I'm not really aware of
any indeed.

> Maybe it would be better to provide some reference where to look for
> more information, or if it doesn't really make much difference, just
> leave the comment about 0-day not being the same out entirely.

This part is quite old, and I'm not aware of the actual facts.

ISTR that word-of-mouth told me in the past that uploading to 0-day
would delay the upload for 1 queued run (i.e. 15 minutes if the
configuration hasn't changed), but this has never been proved to me, so
no idea really.  I'm CCing debian-dak in the hope that somebody will
shine some light.
I have a nagging sensation that the answer lies in the code :>
if somebody wants to read and figure it out.

Note that it *is* relevant when rescheduling a delayed upload, as there
is no way with .commands files to move an upload from the /DELAYED/
directories into the main queue directory for immediate processing, so
rescheduling to 0-day is AFAIK the only way to make a deferred upload to
skip the rest of the wait.

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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