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Re: Enabling Fast Track archive to "federate" with other archives

Akshay S Dinesh writes:
> If I were to create a python wrapper similar to rmadison which is used
> to query these different archives, and in _add_built_using in 
> daklib/archive.py use this wrapper to query other archives and raise
> an error only if no such source is present in other archives either;
> would that create problems down the line?

That doesn't guarantee that the source will *stay* present in the other
archive.  It could just be cleaned up for any reason, e.g., when a newer
version of a package is uploaded.

The only solution that doesn't require cooperation between different dak
installations (which would have its own problems) is to just import the
source package.  And the easiest solution for that seems to be to just
import *all* source packages from a release: having `_add_built_using`
query a remote repository and download packages seems fairly fragile...


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