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Re: Enabling Fast Track archive to "federate" with other archives

On 16118 March 1977, Akshay S. Dinesh wrote:

If I were to create a python wrapper similar to rmadison which is used to query these different archives, and in _add_built_using in daklib/archive.py use this wrapper to query other archives and raise an error only if no such source is present in other archives either; would that create problems down the line?

If you make that a configurable option to turn on/off (default off) and a parameter from where to fetch source to import (url for api to lookup, download location, or so), It could possibly be merged into dak proper.

In this case, since the other archives are "trusted" (Debian's own archives), I think the problem of these archives no longer provider source or binary packages isn't really a concern.

It is a possibilty that the code should check for.

bye, Joerg

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