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[dak/master] Extend README with a bit on how to contribute changes

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@@ -15,7 +15,36 @@ dak.  See:
 for archives and details on how to subscribe.
-# Setup
+# Contributing
+We love to get patches for dak. Enhancements, bugfixes,
+make-code-nicer/easier, anything.
+## Merge requests
+With dak being available at the [Salsa Service](https://salsa.debian.org), we 
+now prefer receiving merge requests there. They allow simple reviews
+using the webinterface and also allow discussing (parts of) the code
+within the Salsa UI. They also allow much easier tracking the state of
+different requests than a mail on a list ever allows.
+To create merge requests that, simply go to [the Salsa project
+page](https://salsa.debian.org/ftp-team/dak), select **Fork** followed
+by the namespace you want to put it in (usually your private one).
+Then simply clone this fork and work it in, preferably in a branch
+named after whatever-you-are-doing.
+When you are happy with what you coded, use the UI on Salsa to create
+a merge request from your feature branch, either using the web
+interface or by using e-mail, see the [Gitlab MR
+for details on this process.
+### Alternative to using Salsa
+While we do prefer merge requests as described above, we also accept
+patches send by mail to our mailing list, see above for details on
+the list.
+# Setup dak
 You can find more info about setting dak up inside the [setup](setup)
 Folder and its [README](setup/README).

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