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[dak/master] Add "add-build-queue" to quickly setup build queues. [dak/master] Add missing import for NoResultFound. [dak/master] add-build-queue: Fix format string in error message. [dak/master] Allow release team to manage jessie-updates. (Closes: #781403) [dak/master] Choose a more useful default overridesuite for build queues. [dak/master] config/debian/dak.conf: No direct uploads to testing-kfreebsd. [dak/master] Do not include long description in Packages index by default [dak/master] Do not require overridecodename to be set. [dak/master] Document how to import additional sources into the security archive. [dak/master] generate-d-i: Do not hardcode suite ids. [dak/master] generate-d-i: Only look at architectures in testing. [dak/master] generate-d-i: Reformat SQL queries (no semantic changes). [dak/master] generate-d-i: Use "set -u" [dak/master] Initial work on update-suite. [dak/master] Make "mirrordir" a local variable. [dak/master] Make sure ${exportdir} for stable-new exists. [dak/master] No longer generate override.*.all3{,.src} [dak/master] Send buildd notifications for oldstable again. [dak/master] Silence dak generate-releases [dak/master] suite add: set version to NULL when an empty string is given [dak/master] Switch to "jessie" as stable. [dak/master] update-suite: fix module name: daklog -> daklib.daklog [dak/master] update-suite: Handle case of not installing new packages. [dak/master] update-suite: We need the build queue's suite. [ repo tools] [website/master] Alex no longer in team [website/master] Somehow Jessie isnt testing anymore. The last update was on 00:07 GMT Tue Jun 04. There are 27 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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