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Re: Archive database (projectb) queries for the public

On the 16th of November I wrote:
> I just spoke to Mark Hymers about some queries that dgit needs to make
> to the projectb.  At the moment, dgit does "ssh coccia psql blah"
> which is obviously rather fragile.  It also doesn't work for non-DDs.
> Mark proposed that the right answer would be to have an
> internet-facing service on coccia (with appropriate service name)
> which would make projectb queries.  Each particular query would have a
> name in this service, and the caller would say "please make query foo
> with args bar, baz, ...".


Is there likely to be any movement on this soon ?  How can I help ?

I think this is soon going to be the only remaining blocker for
providing non-DDs with a working dgit.


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