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Re: A dak-based data source for contributors.debian.org, take two

On 13453 March 1977, Enrico Zini wrote:

>   # Sends what it finds to contributors.debian.org [3]
>   ./dc-tool --mine=examples/ftp.debian.org --auth-token foobar --post

Bad. And storing it in the config too. I would want to have the config
as well as the call to the script in our dak repo, which obviously
shouldn't have the auth-token. --auth-file pointing somewhere would be nice.

> I'd like to ask you to please review the queries, and schedule this all
> in a cron job so that contribution information is kept up to date in
> contributors.debian.org.

dinstall, or daily, one of those two. 4 or 1 data deliveries a day?

Is the code for this dc-tool in the python-debiancontributors package
and could we use that, once the newest version is on backports, or do we
need the git clone?

bye, Joerg
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