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[dak/master] Add ordering to component table and use this when checking policy [dak/master] Add support for rm-ing suites [dak/master] dak/ Add commands to manipulate the suite-component mapping [dak/master] dak/ add component management commands [dak/master] dak/ optionally output the archive as well as the suite name in suite list [dak/master] dak/ use get_archive wrapper, simplifying the code slightly [dak/master] dak/dakdb/ Add component - suite mapping table [dak/master] dak/ Allow version numbers > 99 in db [dak/master] daklib/ allow copying files between components [dak/master] daklib/ fix copying between components [dak/master] daklib/ Add relation from a component to the suites that include it [dak/master] daklib/ one relation from components to suites is enough. [dak/master] daklib/ Typo, quotes [dak/master] testing is jessie [dak/master] Drop unused function get_architecture_suites() [dak/master] Import only primary key fingerprints from keyring. [dak/master] Only publish components in suites where they exist. [dak/master] README.stable-point-release: add generate-i18n-Index call [dak/master] README.stable-point-release: add if block around squeeze-only step [dak/master] Revert "Finds newer or equal versions in lowersuite_name" [dak/master] Run clean-suites after processing policy queues [dak/master] use yaml.safe_{load,dump} functions [website/master] Add reference to missing .orig.tar.* archive [website/master] Fix typos The last update was on 07:40 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 24 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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