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multi-archive support in dak: third report


this is my third report on my Google Summer of Code project to
implement multi-archive support in dak:

most of the TODO items from my last report are now done.  Sending
copies to sponsors, editing overrides in process-new, running a
user-defined command in process-new (to for example spawn a mc in the
right directory to inspect the source), prodding maintainers,
permission checks for DMs were implemented.  Some of the missing
template variables were also added.

I also spend time looking for and fixing bugs in the new
implementation and looking at some corner cases such as packages
moving between components[1] (eg. from contrib to main).

  [1] <https://lists.debian.org/debian-dak/2012/06/msg00017.html>

Right now I plan to test the upgrade procedure on the test
installation on flotow and look how the patched dak performs on the
full data set (my local test installation only has a few packages).

In the next weeks I plan to continue working on the remaining items of
my TODO list, testing and documenting my new code.

I am also slowly preparing a first merge of my code.  A few minor
changes were already merged from my branch[2], but all major changes
are still pending.  Next I plan to merge a few minor database changes
and some of the new modules I wrote:

  dak/dakdb/update7{3,4}.py and related changes
  daklib/actions.py (after renaming it to archive.py)

The new modules will only be used once the rest of the code is merged,
but merging them before that hopefully makes it easier for people to
review as the size of the diff is smaller.

  [2] first mails on <https://lists.debian.org/debian-dak/2012/07/>

My current work is available in the pu/multiarchive-{1,2} branches in
my Git repository[3].

  [3] <https://ftp-master.debian.org/users/ansgar/dak.git>

See you at DebC{amp,onf}!

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