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Planned changes to Policy Queues


I thought it would be good to give a short summary of my planned changes
to policy queues:

* Policy queues will be backed by a regular suite in a private archive.

* A new table policy_queue_uploads will keep track of packages located
in policy queues. It will contain this information:

    id SERIAL
    name TEXT NOT NULL -- name of .changes; or INT referencing changes?
    target_suite INT REFERENCES suite(id)
    changes TEXT NOT NULL -- Changes field of .changes for announcements

with additional tables referencing included binary and source packages.

* File permissions on policy queues will change a bit: they can only be
applied on an per-archive base (as pool/ is shared).  Also we copy the
.orig.tar.* when we accept packages in policy queues for which we don't
want to change the permissions.

I plan to use the following scheme instead: once a file enters an
archive, the archive permissions will be added *in* *addition* to those
already set.  So a package going from unchecked -> new will get
group-readable, from new -> unstable it will get other-readable as well.
 As we link files, this will also affect the original version of the files.

* process-new will only add overrides and a note whether the package
should be accepted or rejected.  The actual accept/reject will be done
by process-policy same as for other policy queues.

* My plan for the upgrade process is as follows:

  - update-db will convert policy queues to the new scheme, but will not
touch any files located within.  These will have to be moved back to
unchecked by hand.

  - The new archive for the queues will be created as $Dir::Base/policy
and $Dir::Base/new.  Dir::Base=/srv/ftp-master.debian.org needs to be
added to dak.conf or the upgrade process will abort.  The error message
would include information about re-processing packages in policy queues
for non-Debian users of dak.


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