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[dak/master] Adapt to changes to Package-List field. [dak/master] Add armhf and s390x architectures [dak/master] Add control-file-is-not-a-file to fata list (Closes: #641091) [dak/master] Check whether suite is valid before referencing it (Closes: #634716) [dak/master] dinstall: Generate dists/ with Description-MD5 for testing [dak/master] Do not check for existance of unpacked Translation-* files. [dak/master] Fix (o-)p-u-new graph generation (Closes: #648952) [dak/master] Fix graphs [dak/master] generate-releases: Add -o option to set arbitrary configuration options. [dak/master] Include short description. [dak/master] Include Translation-* in Release [dak/master] morgue <-> snapshot love [dak/master] Output size in bytes. [dak/master] Remove unused files. [dak/master] Show legend in 2 cols so it all gets showed [dak/master] Use overridesuite when joining override table. [website/master] Adjust links to new (o-)p-u-new images (Closes: #648952) Patch for removal rss feed The last update was on 15:50 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 18 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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