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[dak/master] Actually apply database update 69 [dak/master] Add database fields to support overrides and c-s [dak/master] Add database support for Description-md5 [dak/master] Add missing checksums for source packages. [dak/master] Add missing python-debian dependency [dak/master] add TranslationFileWriter [dak/master] And one more lintian reject, nonfatal [dak/master] Bump db version to 70 [dak/master] Change make_overrides to use database config [dak/master] Check broken dependencies for arch-all packages only once. [dak/master] control-suite: sort list of desired packages as intended [dak/master] Delay setting up worker pool. [dak/master] Enhance source package/version handling when adding a binary deb [dak/master] Fix britney_changelog. [dak/master] generate-packages-sources2: add --description-md5 option [dak/master] generate-packages-sources2: Add support for Description-md5 [dak/master] Get rid of WITH. [dak/master] gps2: Add -o option to set arbitrary configuration options. [dak/master] Include a trailing newline for the hash. [dak/master] Make permissions cascade properly [dak/master] Move query for add-missing-source-checksums to Python code [dak/master] Move sanity check to use database [dak/master] Rename dakdb/ -> dakdb/ [dak/master] Use database for check_overrides configuration [dak/master] Use sub-SELECT instead of LEFT OUTER JOIN. [website/master] Refresh team and role information [website/master] Update size of removals-full logs Bug#641153: document Built-Using field for binary packages The last update was on 12:40 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 28 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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