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Changes to the 'debversion' PostgreSQL data type


This is just a heads up on upcoming changes to the debversion type.
You might want to update the dak and w-b schemas for it.  With
PostgreSQL >= 9.1, database extensions such as debversion may be
installed and removed using CREATE|DROP EXTENSION and upgraded
with ALTER EXTENSION.  This functionality is added in the
postgresql-9.1-debversion package; earlier versions are unaffected.

The dak and w-b schemas create the debversion type using the
debversion.sql script.  This will create all the types and
index functions and operators etc.  This is now obsoleted in
favour of using proper extension support.  You can upgrade to
using extensions by doing:

  CREATE EXTENSION debversion FROM unpackaged;

after which all the debversion bits are controlled by the
extension facility; you can then use ALTER|DROP extension for
upgrading (ALTER EXTENSION debversion UPGRADE) and removal,

The existing debversion.sql will continue to exist for wheezy
(it'll just be a wrapper around CREATE_EXTENSION though).  The
same applies to uninstall_debversion.sql, which will just

Online docs at:

I guess that these changes won't need to be made immediately--I
just wanted to mention it as something to consider when upgrading
to PostgreSQL 9.1.


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