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[dak/master 01/11] Stop using Dir::Queue:: [dak/master 01/18] Remove Dinstall::LockFile [dak/master 02/11] Convert from Dir::Queue references to db [dak/master 02/18] Fallback if DefaultSuite is not set [dak/master 03/11] Fix typo [dak/master 03/18] Simplify config path [dak/master 04/11] Use database instead of config file [dak/master 04/18] Remove unused variable [dak/master 05/11] More database use to replace config file [dak/master 05/18] Remove more unused variables [dak/master 06/11] Final Dir::Queue removals [dak/master 06/18] BTSVersionTrack isn't a queue... [dak/master 07/11] Remove unneeded config file options [dak/master 07/18] Holding isn't a queue either, it's a tmpdir [dak/master 08/11] Bring template config up-to-date with removals [dak/master 08/18] Done isn't a queue either [dak/master 09/11] Cope with missing variables [dak/master 09/18] Add get_component_names routine [dak/master 1/2] Add logger.close routine [dak/master 1/2] daklib/ use apt_inst.DebFile [dak/master 1/2] Document Depends more clearly [dak/master 1/2] Don't say we're sending mail when we're not [dak/master 1/2] Ignore generated file [dak/master 1/2] More checks for Dinstall::BugServer [dak/master 1/2] Only use PackagesServer if it exists [dak/master 1/2] Remove unused template [dak/master 1/3] Allow adding a suite with all architectures [dak/master 1/3] Improve lock fallbacks [dak/master 1/3] Reject isn't a queue [dak/master 1/3] Remove GPGKeyring - it's no longer used [dak/master 1/3] Remove use of Dir::Queue::Disembargo [dak/master 1/4] Add missing / [dak/master 1/4] Add signingkey option to suite add command [dak/master 1/4] Cope with missing suite [dak/master 1/5] Remove use of GPGKeyring and use database [dak/master 1/9] Use the database instead of Lists for check_archive [dak/master 10/11] Make init-dirs read from database [dak/master 10/18] Use components from database [dak/master 11/11] Add defaults for variables and move to y/m/d dir layout [dak/master 11/18] Check suite from database, not config file [dak/master 12/18] Update example configuration file [dak/master 13/18] Re-order example configuration file [dak/master 14/18] Add missing example setting [dak/master 15/18] Add minimal dak.conf examples [dak/master 16/18] Notes about creating dak.conf [dak/master 17/18] Note about symlink [dak/master 18/18] Fix up permissions. Closes: #633519 [dak/master 2/2] Add .xz as a valid extension in various places. [dak/master 2/2] Add error handling to find-null-maintainers [dak/master 2/2] Add some core table setup [dak/master 2/2] Bail out earlier [dak/master 2/2] Don't use Dinstall::BugServer unless it's configured [dak/master 2/2] Factor Uploaders splitting into its own function. [dak/master 2/2] Fix NoMail case [dak/master 2/2] Remove unreferenced variable from config [dak/master 2/2] Start directory creation [dak/master 2/2] Use database instead of config file for Archive:: [dak/master 2/3] Add src_formats by default [dak/master 2/3] Document adding a suite [dak/master 2/3] Fix up dak config template [dak/master 2/3] Remove unused value [dak/master 2/3] Remove use of ::Queue:: in the import_known_changes [dak/master 2/4] Add missing variable [dak/master 2/4] Remove unused variable [dak/master 2/4] Simplify src_format handling [dak/master 2/5] Remove unused fields [dak/master 2/9] Remove unused MorgueReject setting [dak/master 3/3] Enhance setup and getting started instructions [dak/master 3/3] Ensure that suite_name is unique [dak/master 3/3] Look up queue paths in database [dak/master 3/3] Move PrimaryMirror field into database [dak/master 3/3] Remove use of Dir::Queue::Unchecked in config file [dak/master 3/4] Add missing import [dak/master 3/4] Create keyrings if necessary [dak/master 3/4] Ensure we have a session so that we can look up srcformats [dak/master 3/5] Fix suite case [dak/master 3/9] Centralise UrgencyLog handling [dak/master 4/4] Add documentation for setting up keyrings [dak/master 4/4] Give exception information [dak/master 4/4] Make it easier to spot if psql fails [dak/master 4/5] Clean up boolean logic [dak/master 4/9] Kill unused OverrideType from the config file [dak/master 5/5] Remove unused option [dak/master 5/9] Remove unused Location config [dak/master 6/9] Fix up dsc-syntax check [dak/master 7/9] Remove use of Component in dak.conf, use db instead [dak/master 8/9] Remove Component config section from config docs [dak/master 9/9] Remove removed config options [dak/master] Add docs that the secret key only needs to be able to sign [dak/master] Add keyring helper routines [dak/master] Add missing import [dak/master] Add newline [dak/master] Allow the release team to do tpu removals [dak/master] Avoid pipe [dak/master] Catch exceptions when running import-users-from-passwd [dak/master] Clean up account creation instructions [dak/master] commit more often in clean-suites [dak/master] Cope with empty queue [dak/master] Correct variable name [dak/master] Fix extract_component_from_section() and testcase. [dak/master] Fix output name [dak/master] Fix path existance check [dak/master] Fix thinko [dak/master] Fix thinko regarding ctime and datetime [dak/master] Fix typo [dak/master] Fix up component handling as it's not in config file any more [dak/master] Fixups for alioth move [dak/master] Improve splitting of Uploaders list. [dak/master] Make init_core executable [dak/master] Move test case for extract_component to be a db test [dak/master] Remove 'poolize' command from; it hasn't been there for ages [dak/master] Remove more unused values [dak/master] Remove old, broken and unused code [dak/master] Remove utils. qualifications [dak/master] Skip project trace dir [dak/master] Tidy up dependencies [dak/master] Use --system [dak/master] Use /bin/bash as dak's shell [dak/master] Use anonscm instead of [website/master] Add some description of dinstall.status, based on a patch from mehdi on attracting contributors The last update was on 06:16 GMT Wed May 29. There are 124 messages. 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