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[dak/master 1/2] Make external overrides specific for (suite, component) [dak/master 2/2] Comment out some things in cron.hourly which are broken [dak/master 2/2] copy external overrides from unstable to testing [dak/master 2/2] Fix function add_dsc_to_db(). [dak/master] cron.unchecked: call generate-filelist with arguments. [dak/master] dak graph seems ok too [dak/master] Do not sync any lock files. [dak/master] Don't end up with multiple database sessions in check_sig call [dak/master] Don't remove files we previously generated [dak/master] Encode using utf-8 and hope for the best [dak/master] Fall back to Maintainer if Changed-By missing [dak/master] Fix exception handling in process-new. [dak/master] Fix typo [dak/master] Install default SIGPIPE handler before calling dpkg-deb. [dak/master] Limit show-new to one process for now [dak/master] Linearise show_new for now [dak/master] Make cron.daily shell script more robust. [dak/master] Map squeeze-updates and stable-updates [dak/master] Pass session [dak/master] Python behaves differently if you're redirecting to a file or not... [dak/master] Re-enable queue_rss after deleting the old pickle file [dak/master] Re-enable show-new, but don't kill cron.hourly if it dies [dak/master] Short circuit already processed packages much more quickly [dak/master] temporary hack to fix squeeze-updates / stable-updates suite name [dak/master] use new debian module name [website/master] Fix link to statistics page The last update was on 15:36 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 26 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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