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ducks (dak scheduler)

[please cc me on replies]

Hey all,

I'd like to announce the availability of what was originally meant to be a
dinstall replacement:


I call it the duck scheduler, since it's not specific to debian-dak (and ducks
are cute anyway).

It's standalone so you can just grab the above file (DD's can git-clone the
directory to get the whole bunch). There's no documentation yet, but the
command line help should be good enough for now (along with the stuff under
the tests dir). For an example see tests/data/job-set-defn1.txt. To specify a
value like archive, use "-c archive=foo"

It's quite well tested and does all the features originally described by Joerg,
except for checkpointing (the signaling mechanism is in place, just not
implemented yet).



ps. I'll create a repo in git.d.o, sometime

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