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[dak/master] add indentation to reason for 822 format [dak/master] Add more buildds [dak/master] away with add_database_user [dak/master] config/debian/apache.conf-incoming: add new armel buildds [dak/master] config/debian/apache.conf-incoming: add vitry and krenek [dak/master] config/debian/apache.conf-incoming: cleanup a bit [dak/master] cron.hourly: generate removals-full.822 [dak/master] daklib/ check if sponsoremail is set first [dak/master] daklib/ send mails to sponsors too [dak/master] Hack to make process policy work again [dak/master] Indent reason [dak/master] lintian.tags: remove some duplicated tags [dak/master] display changes for packages entering testing [dak/master] fix newlines between entries [dak/master] fix error handling code [dak/master] fix more error handling code [dak/master] toggle binary-NEW packages only [dak/master] toggle headers too [dak/master] also take udebs into account while checking rdeps [dak/master] implement rfc822 removal format [dak/master] script to convert removals log into rfc822 format [dak/master] Some code cleanups [website/master] Add new key [website/master] Add reference for RFC822 removal logs [website/master] Add the text about the squeeze key [website/master] html tidy [website/master] style.css: new p.togglepkg style for binary-NEW display [website/master] Update information, like retire the etch key The last update was on 06:24 GMT Thu May 30. There are 28 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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