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Re: smart upload server

On 12142 March 1977, Petr Jašek wrote:

There he is. Well, I meant to write you last weekend already, but it
went down in some other work... :(

> I've done some work on server and i'm asking you for comments/hints/etc.
> again..

Good. So you should have a protocol documentation written down, after
which you go and code stuff up. Could we see that please.
(IE, something vaguely like an RFC (but using a free license) (for
example IMAP or one of the SMTP ones), that lists exactly what can be
done, what is to be expected from both sides at that points, what
happens next, ...). The old old mail from Michael might be a good start of one.

Also. Where do you have your version control system, so we can checkout
and see what you are up to?

bye, Joerg
Bart, with $10,000, we'd be millionaires! We could buy all kinds of
useful things like...love!

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