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[dak/master 01/11] move some logic to daklib [dak/master 02/11] add initial version of process-policy [dak/master 03/11] couple of c+p bugs [dak/master 04/11] fix GPG reject lines [dak/master 05/11] add process-policy [dak/master 06/11] variable name fixes [dak/master 07/11] Make policy queues work and remove print debugging [dak/master 08/11] centralise No-Mail handling [dak/master 09/11] deal with orig's we have in the DB which are references in the changes file but not there (e.g. security uploads) [dak/master 1/2] Add Binary packages to new.822 [dak/master 1/2] dak/ Replace Changes() object use with an Upload() object. [dak/master 1/2] multiple [dak/master 1/3] generate-filelist: improve formatting of help [dak/master 10/11] tidy up output slightly [dak/master 11/11] fill in headers at reject time [dak/master 2/2] common [dak/master 2/2] Fix indentation screwup [dak/master 2/2] show-new [dak/master 2/3] generate-filelist: improve arch all handling [dak/master 3/3] generate-filelist: add irc quote [dak/master] add a statefile. this closes #560277 [dak/master] add_dsc_to_db: fix typo u <-> up [dak/master] Adjust slicing of direction list [dak/master] build experimental directory tree [dak/master] Correctly handle lists for SQL queries in get_binary_from_name_suite() [dak/master] daklib/queue [dak/master] dinstall [dak/master] Enable show-new again [dak/master] Fix barry breaking new.html [dak/master] fix message sending [dak/master] force_reject fixup [dak/master] Its dest_file and Dir. damnit [dak/master] meh [dak/master] Mention deferred queue [dak/master] Name it newstage [dak/master] new NBS detection for cruft-report [dak/master] No longer trigger the wb daily run, this is now a normal mirror push [dak/master] process-policy [dak/master] queue_install [dak/master] Reintroduce "Sponsor" in HTML queue view [dak/master] rejection mail, closes: #543960 [dak/master] remove wb [dak/master] Restore display of package colours [dak/master] Umm, tee >> report? wth, good morning, do it right [dak/master] Ups, add an id=, thanks to Adam D. Barratt [dak/master] why, oh why, doesnt this fix itself when its wrong? The last update was on 08:36 GMT Mon May 27. There are 47 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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