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Re: RFC: Creation of a PostgreSQL database schema for wanna-build data

* Roger Leigh [Sat, 17 Jan 2009 19:32:36 +0000]:

> However, I think a good first step would for both dak and wanna-build
> to share as much of their schemas as is reasonably possible.  To that
> end, I'll update my wanna-build schema to use the same naming as is
> used in projectb as far as is practicable, and then we'll see where
> we can go from there.  It will at the very least make merging the
> databases possible in the future.

Take into account, though, that there are plans to re-design from
scratch the projectb database. In fact, such re-design already exist,
I'm sure ftpmaster can give pointers to it.

* Joerg Jaspert [Sat, 17 Jan 2009 21:29:14 +0100]:

> From that on I think projectb should be readonly for you, but be a major
> source of data.

I think this is reasonable if projectb contains all the data the w-b
database needs. We'd save going to Packages/Sources, which is good. But
if we need to go to Pacakges/Sources to fetch additional information
like Build-Depends, then there isn't much point.

Also, what Roger said about w-b not requiring a projectb instance.
Roger, maybe the gathering of data for w-b db could be made pluggable,
with a default implementation fetching if from Packages/Sources, leaving
room to plug a second implementation which atacks projectb?


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