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Re: Bug#511303: not that easy to fix

[ CCing debian-dak. ]


On Sat, 2009-01-10 at 15:52:47 +0100, Jan Dittberner wrote:
> data/ddpo/extract_incoming.pl extracts it's data from
> http://ftp-master.debian.org/new.822 which contains the following
> entry for xlwt:
> Source: xlwt
> Version: 0.7.0-2 0.7.0-1
> Architectures: source, all
> Age: 2 days
> Last-Modified: 1231361226
> Queue: new
> Maintainer: Jan Dittberner <jan@dittberner.info>
> Changed-By: Jan Dittberner <jan@dittberner.info>
> Sponsored-By: stew@debian.org
> Distribution: unstable
> Fingerprint: EB1F4A7B02539A1A56174C3FF426E1B2BE9BF8DA
> Changes-File: xlwt_0.7.0-1_amd64.changes
> it uses
>  next unless my $source = $reader->get("Source"); chomp $source;
>  next unless my $version = $reader->get("Version"); chomp $version;
> in lines 143-144 to parse the the Source and Version fields, resulting
> in "xlwt" as source and "0.7.0-2 0.7.0-1" as version string.
> Later (lines 167-172) the URL is built:
>  } elsif ($queue =~ /^(new|byhand)$/) {
>    $db{"n${d}:$source"} = "$queue:&nbsp;$version";
>    $db{"n${d}-title:$source"} = mouseover_date($date, $changedby, $uploader);
>    my $url = "http://ftp-master.debian.org/new/"; . uri_escape ("${source}_$version.html");
>    $db{"n${d}-url:$source"} = $url;
>  }
> only one URL is supported here. If I understand it correctly the
> stored data is used in developer.wml to produce the output of the DDPO
> page.
> To fix this issue we have to (a) change the parsing of the new queue
> to store multiple NEW URLs or to take only the latest one and (b) fix
> the output of the URLs to support multiple NEW URLs (or leave it as it
> is if only the latest version is used).

I think it would be better to fix the new.822 file generator to
produce one instance per .changes file so to not overload the meaning
of the Version field with several values, or at least show only one
instance for the latest version and its matching file in Changes-File.

It would also be nice to change the Architectures field to Architecture,
and split its values with space instead of comma+space, to match the
standard field.


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