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Re: PostgreSQL code for Debian version checking and sorting

> Since it's derived from the text type you use in projectb for versions,
> it's a drop-in replacement.  It uses code from Dpkg::Version for
> version checking and comparison in PL/Perl, with PostgreSQL operators
> in PL/pgSQL.  If we used the untrusted form of PL/PerlU we could
> "use Dpkg::Version" directly and avoid the need to copy the code.

You know that we have, for years, a postgres module in c++ that is used
for version comparision and is based on apts code?
I dont know what your code does, havent looked, just pointing at it. Its
in our git, src/

bye, Joerg
Unstable means "subject to rapid change" rather than "full of bugs",
though sometimes it is both :-).

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