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arch=all and jenna


I was considering a bit about arch=all-packages and
out-of-date-packages. Consider e.g.
gretl 1.4.1-1 s390
gretl 1.4.1-2 source
gretl 1.4.1-2 i386
gretl-common 1.4.1-1 all
gretl-common 1.4.1-2 all

Currently, jenna removes gretl-common=1.4.1-1, and puts the version
1.4.1-2 of the all-package in both the s390 and i386 list.

However, one really wants to see
gretl 1.4.1-1 s390
gretl-common 1.4.1-1 all
gretl 1.4.1-2 i386
gretl-common 1.4.1-2 all
as the file lists, so that =-dependencies are not broken.

The current approach of jenna is (basically):
get all the files via sql (with keys for suite etc), order them per
suite, component, architecture and type, kick duplicate files out, make
a list of files per that quadrupple, and output the list for source for
the source package, and arch+all for any of the binary architectures
(with ignoring arch=all). However, that approach is a bit difficult when
trying to resolve the above problem, as one needs detailed information
very late in the food chain.

So, my current consideration is to loop over suite, component,
architecture and type, and receive packages for them via sql.

Advantage: shorter code. Disadvantage: more sql connections, new code.

Any better ideas? Any remarks/recommendations?


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