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Re: Problems with package propagation p-u -> t-p-u -> unstable

* Jeroen van Wolffelaar (jeroen@wolffelaar.nl) [050331 13:15]:
> Right, this is probably a bug in Andreas Barths' version-propagation
> stuff for enabling security uploads while testing/unstable is in the
> same version still, because ia64 has been removed from
> testing/unstable's xview.

As discussed in Vancouver, there is an ugly patch available which
prevents the unaccepts - but hey, that's not what we want.

What happened (or at least, that's the best explanaition) is that the
old binary package was still in unstable at the time where xview was
uploaded, and the propup-code doesn't check for a source package.

A working patch should probably not propup in jennifer, but just
remember what we want to propup in kelly in case we need it, so that we
can just ignore such cases in kelly.

> For the case at hand, I removed the offending upload from the queue, and
> asked Joey to drop ia64 on the next stable point release (it didn't work
> anyway).

Ah, ok. Neuro didn't remove it to keep reminded about the issue, but
well - we know where the bug is.

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