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Making simple-cdd pull another kernel from repository


First of all, I'm using simple-cdd from lenny to create etch images.

I'm looking around how can I make simple-cdd pull another kernel
version (etchnhalf) from repository. I've
already tested some way through preseeding, etc, with no success.
If I put the newer kernel in local-packages, the image installs both
kernels (2.6.18 and the newer one), which
is undesirable.

As I can see, simple-cdd pulls
I'd like to make it pull another package, maybe

I searched at default.packages (and in other preconfigured *.packages)
and did't see any entry to 'linux-image'.

How can I configure simple-cdd to pull another kernel ?

Thanks a lot in advance
Lucas Brasilino

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