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Re: Please help with unicode problem on tasks page generation

Hi again,

I made much progress on this field and the webtools are nearly ready to
replace the old system.

On Wed, 18 Jun 2008, Andreas Tille wrote:


Just check this out and try update-all-tasks which should build
the tasks pages for all CDDs which deliver a valid config file in

What else needs to be done:

 1. Translation of some fixed texts.


 2. Joining the scripts tasks_idx.py and tasks.py to have only a single
    script generating index and single tasks pages.


 3. Obtain also DDTP translations of meta package descriptions to
    render this in the left column of the tasks page and at the index page.


 4. Take over all the surrounding stuff for other CDDs as it is in the
    current update_tasks script.  I think about putting the CDD specific
    stuff into a config file to enable easy adding of further CDDs but
    I have not yet decided about the format of the config file.


As you see the main todo list was worked down and some extra features
compared to the old system were implemented.  But there is a remaining
coding problem which you face if you try to generate Debian Edu tasks
pages: The generation of task desktop-other fails because of a string
that can not be converted.  See the relevant log file.  I have no good
idea how this can be debugged.  Any help is welcome.

Further work to do:  The detection of bowser preferences and selecting
the correct language works with the generated .htaccess fille but
strangely enough it works only if you specify


if you just use


the English page is displayed.  Any clue here?

Last but not least a layout question:  Any designers could have a
look at the language selection at the bottom and the selection of
the other tasks in the left part.

My next step will be a preview on Alioth before I replace the old
tasks pages.

Kind regards



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