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Using Simple-CDD to build lenny-based discs

Hi all,

I'm trying to use Simple-CDD to build a Debian based on Lenny, because the packages I want are mostly/only available in Lenny onwards.

I've got as far as creating an empty profile with no extra packages listed; this works fine when building an Etch-based disc thusly:

   build-simple-cdd --dist etch --profiles-udeb-list sid --profiles matrix

matrix.packages is empty, and I get an image from the above command.

Changing --dist to lenny above, and it fails with errors in a number of places, including "Unable to read UDEB_INCLUDE file /home/.../data/lenny/amd64_netinst_udeb_include", and then later complaining about missing required packages from profile default: "less" and "simple-cdd-profiles".

I'm building on etch with simple-cdd pulled from sid; and on x86_64.

Anyone any ideas?



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