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Re: packages.gz corrupt, missing packages and other issues

On Sat, 29 Mar 2008, David Stone wrote:

You were so helpful with my last issue I thought I'd give you more
information about my project and some other issues I am having. What I
am doing is building a simple computer for the Senior Project.
Basically, it will be a computer that your Grandmother could use. I uses
the Matchbox project for a window manager and desktop and includes
custom versions of Epiphany, Sylpheed, Abiword and Gthumb. For the most
part it works very well and simple-cdd has been very easy to use and has
drastically reduced the amount of work I had to do.

Is there any reason to do this outside Debian or would you consider
tp follow the path of Debian-Junior who is supporting "the other end
of the age scale" ;-) _INSIDE_ Debian.  Your are asking on a list that
is about doing customisations _inside_ Debian!

Kind regards



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