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Hidden argument passing in simple-cdd

Hi Vagrant,

I've found the source of some of my problems.  There is this mechanism
available for setting option values via a "config" file.  Since there
were a lot of parameters and some of them did not have supporting
command line options, I used the config file.  The problem is that
some of these get passed through to the "debian-cd" script via the
non-exported variable "commandline_opts".  The problem with the
scheme is that the behavior is unexpected and the data stuffed into
the file "commandline" is actually arguments to the build-simple-cdd
program, not the arguments for another sub-program buried deep within
the bowels of the debian-cd project.  If they happen to correspond,
well and good, but the transcription should be explicit.  Anyway,
here's a little chunk of code to add in immediately after processing
options.  This will take care of the issue.  Note there is no need
of quoting the output of the $() construct.  The introduced newlines
will drop out when the whole mess gets echoed into a file.  Again,
please, reply directly to me as well as the list since I think some
email manager somewhere does not like gmail.com.  Thanks. - Bruce

  test ${#do_mirror} -gt 0 && {
    if X"${do_mirror}" = Xfalse ; then
      echo --no-do-mirror
      echo --do-mirror

  while read o v
    eval val=\${${v}}
    test ${#val} -eq 0 && continue

    echo ${o}
  done <<- _EOF_
	--graphical-installer           ISOLINUX_DEFAULT
	--serial-console                use_serial_console
	--qemu                          use_qemu
	--force-preseed                 force_preseed

  while read o v
    eval val=\${${v}}
    test ${#val} -eq 0 && continue

    echo ${o} \'${val}\'
  done <<- _EOF_
	--dist                          CODENAME
	--profiles                      profiles
	--build-profiles                build_profiles
	--auto-profiles                 auto_profiles
	--local-packages                local_packages
	--locale                        locale
	--keyboard                      keyboard
	--debian-mirror                 debian_mirror
	--security-mirror               security_mirror
	--proposed-updates              proposed_updates
	--mirror-tools                  mirror_tools
	--build-tools                   build_tools
	--kernel-packages               kernel_packages
	--profiles-udeb-dist            profiles_udeb_dist
	--extra-udeb-dist               extra_udeb_dist

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