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Re: cutom embedded root file system initialization question

tsnider skrev:
> This isn't the typical installation question. I already have a custom Linux
> kernel (based on open embedded vanilla) for my embedded system that needs to
> stay in place. However the root file system isn't hardware  / application
> sensitive. I'd like to use Debian for the rfs. I've extracted the minimal
> image from initrd. After reading the Debian installation manual I'm still
> not clear on what script or where the Debian installation process is
> started. The system doesn't have a cd so it can't start normally. I have an
> installation cd image accessible to the system. So I'd like to find the
> "magic" starting point that kicks off the installation process after my
> kernel (not Debian) is up and running. 
> Thanks for pointers.

If I understand correctly, then you have come to the wrong list: Here we
discuss ways to build _distributions_ the Debian way.

You seem to want to not use Debian, and maybe not even a SysV bootup
structure, but instead build only from the minimal rootfs offered in an
initial ramdisk. So you want to discuss with kernel hackers or those
dealing with ramdisk generators (in Debian there are two of them
currently - initramfs-tools and yaird).

This might be what you are looking for:



 - Jonas

Yaird package maintainer for Debian

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