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Re: custom embedded root file system initialization question

Op 21-08-2007 om 07:04 schreef tsnider:
> This isn't the typical installation question. I already have a custom Linux
> kernel (based on open embedded vanilla) for my embedded system that needs to
> stay in place. However the root file system isn't hardware  / application
> sensitive. I'd like to use Debian for the rfs. I've extracted the minimal
> image from initrd. After reading the Debian installation manual I'm still
> not clear on what script or where the Debian installation process is
> started. The system doesn't have a cd so it can't start normally. I have an
> installation cd image accessible to the system. So I'd like to find the
> "magic" starting point that kicks off the installation process after my
> kernel (not Debian) is up and running. 

If I understand the question correct,
then is the original poster looking for


> Thanks for pointers.

Surely for usefull pointers :-)

Geert Stappers

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