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Re: Requesting advice regarding creating a custom Debian distribution

Excellent. I assume I would jsut need to rename packages for my disto if the software is already in debian. Is this correct?

 Where can I find a information about creating a tasksel task?

As Andreas said, check why those packages are not in Debian yet. If
there is no real reason for, package them and find a sponsor.

Even needing packages to set things for your distribution, you can put
them into official Debian repositories if they are in compliance with
Debian Policy. In that way you will have a real CDD. Take a look in
Debian Edu packages and in our brazilian distro, Debian-BR-CDD. Try
diverts, alternatives, etc.> 3) Any issue and problems you think I may >encounter.

I'm using simple-cdd with some hacks, last debian-cd (not in debian
yet, I guess), mini-dinstall, dput and a few scripts to build the basic
infrastructure for Debian-BR-CDD. We use Trac to manage a wiki,
subversion repository and tracking bugs.

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