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Re: Requesting advice regarding creating a custom Debian distribution

On Sun, 19 Aug 2007, icelinux@icelinux.net wrote:

1) Inclusion of software not currently available in the Debian package tree.
I have discovered there is some software not present in Debian which
is needed for my distribution. Some of this software is already
packaged for Debian by others and some of it is not.

The best idea would be to compile a list of the missing software including
the reasons why they are not (yet) included.

2) Creating and maintaining a separate package repository to use for

The idea of Custom Debian Distributions is (despite the missleading name)
to *avoid* separate package repositories wherever possible.  To find out
whether it is possible the list mentioned under 1) is helpful.

I want to use the Debian packages whenever possible, however there
will be some packages that will require configuration file changes.

Better try to file bugreports with patches with debconf questions.

Kind regards



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