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Re: simple-cdd - problem with inclusing third-party packages

On Fri, Jul 20, 2007 at 11:21:57AM -0700, vagrant@freegeek.org wrote:
> what are the dependencies of spinner-player ?
> most likely they cannot be resolved in your mirror.

It's not about dependecies. I was check it twice. See below.
> > profiles/spinner.packages has the "spinner-player" inside
> > profiles/spinner.preseed add installation of package "spinner-player" 
> simply include it in profiles/spinner.packages - there should be no need
> to add it to the preseed file.

After the very long trip inside the debian-cd and simple-cdd - I recognize the problem:

it's only because "non-free" field in Section of my package. The debian-cd is too smart and strip it from the first CD image.

Workaround is quite simple. Make "Section: misc" for example instead of "non-free/misc". 

Any suggestions how to bypass the problem in the future? How to tell debian-cd not add the non-free package to "exclude" file?

With best regards, Vlad Shakhov

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