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simple-cdd bzr working with etch again

ok, i've applied patches from gustavo franco and raphael hertzog, with a
few additional fixes and modifications, and i think simple-cdd is
finally working with etch again. i used both debian-cd 3.0.0 in etch,
and from svn, and seemed to work fine with either.

thanks to raphael hertzog and gustavo franco for the patches which got
simple-cdd back on track!

so, anyone want to sponsor an upload to debian, lest i need to rename it

it's still a little rough around the edges, but getting into debian
would get it a little more exposure, somewhere to track bugs, and then
CDDs could actually use it entirely within debian to make basic CDD CDs.

try it out and let me know what you think:


at this point, it basically works and i would say is feature complete,
but i'd like to make some of the ideas more consistant, and do some code
cleanup(if not rewrite in python), network boot installs, and improve
the documentation... and, well, there's always more to do...

live well,

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