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binary+source CD


We originally used some hackish scripts to add some of our own packages
to the debian-cd disk. I recently switched to using debian-cd. There are
some things I can't figure how to implement, though:

In our original scrip we basically added some packages into some
directories and regenerated the at source on the CD. One of the
atvantages of thi was that the generated CD includes the sources for all
the packages tht we modified and hence we're not legally required to
hold them all on our site[*]. 

However debian-cd only generates a separate sources CD. I found no way
of putting the sources in the same CD as the binaries. Currently there
is no space issue: the binaries CD is 200MB and the sources CD is

The sources CD also seems to be generated after the binaries CD is:
mkisfs of the sarge-i386 CD happens before there is any apt source under
sarge-src/CD1 .

Short to making yet another custom reprepro temporary mirror for the
pupose of providing the sources (with a manually-edited list of packages?)
can anybody give me an idea how to include sources and binaries in one

[*] That is: less worrying about what would happen if our ite will be
down for a while.

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