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Re: Information about debian-cd

On 4/4/06, inflate <arabian.arabian@gmail.com> wrote:



I have some questions:

1- Where can I found articles about debian-cd?

You can find some interesting documents in /usr/share/doc/debian-cd (if you already have the packages installed), if you are looking to web-site you should take a look at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianCustomCD.

2- To use debian-cd, I should have a 'copy' of a debian archive
Or I can mount a simple archive (containing only packages I need) and use it
with debian-cd?

You can do the both. You could use debpartial-mirror tool to download the full debian repository or you can build your own manually getting the packages that you are looking to put in your CDD.  

3- I've downloaded d-i and compiled it, it generate a lot of udebs + 3
folders containing initrd.img (netinstall, hd-*, cdrom-*)

Where I should put udebs and the 3 folders?

You should put udebs into your local repository and generate the Packages for it. The d-i images need to stay in dists/<codename>/main/installer-<arch>/current/images at your local repository.


Matheus Morais

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