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Re: d-i building problems

Paras pradhan wrote:
> hi:
> I am trying to buid the d-i using etch mirror. my sources.list.udeb
> has the entry :
> deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian testing main/debian-installer
> While i do make all_build the acpi package is not able to download and
> process. here is the sample of the error.
> --
> Need to download: acpi-modules-2.6.16-1-486-di anna archdetect

[ snip ]

> sarge:/d-i/debian-installer/installer/build# c
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> It seems not only the etch dist has that problem , even with the sarge
> i got same problem. I tried to build with sid as well and some packing
> problem ike ucx problem  is there ..but don't remeber it exaclty.
> So is there any way to tackle this problem?. i think the repoistory is
> linked with acpi 2.6.16 and  actually iit doesnot have the acpi2.6.16
> and still has acpi 2.6.15.

You have to edit config/i386.cfg to specify that you want to use 2.6.15
as kernel instead of 2.6.16

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