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Re: debian-cd and new packages

On Fri, Mar 24, 2006 at 03:50:36PM -0800, philagui wrote:
> Hello,
> All right I am slowly getting there. I now have a "complete" custom cd, with
> my own boot logo, my own isolinux.txt and a preseed file.
> The only problem is that: it doesn't work lol....
> Still because of those apt dependencies, but now it's not dependencies
> anymore, it is conflicts. At first, when I built the cd, at the make
> mirrorcheck step, here is what it told me:

Could you please run those commands with LC_MESSAGES=C (LC_MESSAGES=C
command) ? This will give an error message others could actually
understand and also a better chance to find previous occourences.

> Lecture des listes de paquets...
> Construction de l'arbre des dépendances...
> Vous pouvez lancer « apt-get -f install » pour corriger ces problèmes.
> Les paquets suivants contiennent des dépendances non satisfaites :
>   discover: Est en conflit avec: discover1 mais 1.7.7 est installé
>             Est en conflit avec: libdiscover1 mais 1.7.7 est installé
>   discover-data: Est en conflit avec: discover1-data
>   discover1: Est en conflit avec: discover mais 2.0.7-2.1 est installé
>              Est en conflit avec: libdiscover2 mais 2.0.7-2.1 est installé
>   discover1-data: Est en conflit avec: discover-data mais 2.2005.02.13-1 est
> installé

I'm not sure I followed you, but is it possible to apt-get each package
seaprately and somehow accumulate results?

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