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Re: Simple-cdd and etch

But, for example, i want the name of my distro in the installer, on the initial menu. Is this possible?

On 3/4/06, Matheus Morais < matheus.morais@gmail.com> wrote:

On 3/4/06, João Silva < galaio.silva@gmail.com> wrote:
i have a question. simple-cdd can do something like, change the initial isolinux boot image, or personalize the installer, so we can put the name of the distro in the debconf, or include some modifications like images, splashs used in kde?

Yes, in fact you can have a full customized distribution based on debian. With simple-cdd you dont customize the installer but the installation proccess with pressed files, like in Ubuntu installation proccess. About the kde splashs you can customize your own packages and use them in your local repository.

Also, we have the possibility to change base-files like apt  bash.bashrc  issue  issue.net   motd  skel.


PS: Dont send your mail only to me, send to the list too. Its can cause a miss information for others reader from this topic.

Matheus Morais

João Carlos Galaio da Silva
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