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Hai All , 
    We are tyring to build a Custom Debian distribution for E-Gov domain
.. i.e Bundling some E-Gov related Softwares and packages with Base
distro/system of Debian.... 
We are following CDD from Debian Wiki for building creating Bootable CD
with Base version ... (100 Mb Debian Sarge CD ) .... 
 Can We know , is thr any other way of creating bootable Debian Base CD
..with minimal packages .. 
Can we know some packages related to E-Governance which we can bundle with
our base system .. and How we can create Deb packages from source package
(Eg: Tomcat tar file ) and bundle in our ditro... 

If any one knowing abt this .. How we can build a new distro for
E-Governance domain ... Please reply me .... 


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