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brand new livecd desing

i'm working on a project called dss:

http://dss.berlios.de (should be updated soon)

it's a brand new livecd design, totally different from knoppix and derivatives as morphix, i don't use kudzu libs and i maintain a pure default installation (debconf - noninteractive).

My goal is to provide a "farmework for livecd creation", mainly you should be able to make a cloop file of your installed system root dir, put it in cdrom/base/ directory, make an iso and it will just boot-up.

As you know the normal procedure of creating a livecd is a top-down remaster, with my "design" it's really easy to build it from scratch.

console mode:

2)apt-get install
3)make cloop file
4)cp cloop-file cdrom/base/

lazy mode:
1) losetup /dev/cloop0 cdrom/base/base
2) mount /dev/cloop0 /tmp/modules/base
3) mount -t unionfs -o dirs=/tmp/modules/base=ro none /tmp/UNION
4) unionctl /tmp/UNION --add --mode rw /tmp/modules/mycustom
5) chroot /tmp/UNION
6) apt-get install
-> console mode: 3) 4) 5)

I use unionfs , "deliver" is the layer before "overall" (rw branch), everything below deliver is just a PURE system, i use default runlevels, and debconf to configure the system (not knoppix-autoconfig), i don't use kudzu libs but just hotplug .... mainly there are no differences between an installed debian and my livecd.

I've had my first presentation about it and people loved dss, ill' have one other at italian linux-day in my city, everything is at the very beginning but it's "stable" and user friendly (to customize and to use), i think i got really god results.

My final goal would be to provide a graphical-installer to install a customized debian, the installed system will be a pure debian, and this is easy as a backup (see /initrd/DSSCD/*) .

If you don't see anything interesting in dss, no problem ... it's young and difficult to trust :), i'll prepare a debian-med based release anyway ... i was thinking to use the DCC Alliance mirrors where possible and include debian-med pkges.

here there is a link to the iso (newer version is "locally" ready):

it's based on breezy .. .but "deliver" is arch independent and maintain compatibility (for the moment) with debian | ubuntu.

Let me know what you think ... i can understand if you are not interested on dss but if you are and you would have more infos feel free to contact me or by email or on :

/server irc.freenode.org 
/join #dsslive (you'll find just me :) [nomed] -- diabetik is a bot ... )

mail-list: http://groups.google.com.au/group/dss-users

i'm sure if you love debian you'll love the dss boot-up too... 

best regards



http://dss.berlios.de (home page)
http://edevelop.org/~nomed (testing stuff - [latest modules + miniroot] dup + isolinux.iso)

the next release will include:
-isolinux (suse patch + gfxboot): lang , res, keymap selected from graphical isolinux (boot)
-sata support (kernel module)
-better configuration of ivman (deliver module - files from detcskel)

todo: [* work in progress]
-initramfs + usplash (or splash files *.spl)
-more unionfs tests
-*graphical installer 
-*debaser-ng (pygtk frontend to customize debootstrap + apt* within a chroot env)
-dup-ng (pygtk frontend to dup [dss testers upgrader])
-test new udev (Provides: hotplug)
-cloop vs sqashfs

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