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Debian Partial Mirror (debpartial-mirror) project relocated

Hello folks,

Since we're using a lot of tools to help us here at O.S. Systems and
we're doing a good job developing python-cdd[1] we asked some of
involved people who worked with me at debpartial-mirror if someone had
problems moving it to another home. Well, nobody had!

1. http://projetos.ossystems.com.br/python-cdd

So we did[2]. Currently, the project doesn't have any real interesting
feature since it was recently moved but in follow weeks I'll include:

 - Constant Integration system to run unittest on every commit;
 - Use ticket system to take care of tasks and problems;

2. http://projetos.ossystems.com.br/debpartial-mirror

If you want to be envolve with the project, please speak and we add
you there. If you want to see our current Constat Integration system
running, that is done using bitten[3], you can see it here[4].

3. http://bitten.cmlenz.net
4. http://projetos.ossystems.com.br/python-cdd/build/trunk

Thanks a lot!

        O T A V I O    S A L V A D O R
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 you the whole house."

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