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Howto to make a configuration package for others debs

I am learning how to make debs, and I have read the documentation
about Custom Debian Distribution.  But I didn't get it, how to make a
package to configure others packages.

For example, I want to make a package called tp-openafs-log.  This
package depends on heimdal-clients, openafs-client, libnss-ldap,
libpam-ldap, libpam-krb5, openafs-krb5, libpam-openafs-session and
recommends precompiled modules.

I can configure the packages with heimdal-clients, openafs-client,
libnss-ldap using preseed.  But to configure libpam-ldap, libpam-krb5
and libpam-openafs-session I need to edit the configuration files.  I
could try to patch the configuration files, but there is a better way?

How do I store the configuration inside my package, so in the end I
have all the packages, that it depends, configured for the way I need?

Can I call debconf-set-selections during installation of
tp-openafs-log?  How is your experience making CDD?

    José Calhariz

	Tudo o que sabemos do amor, e que o amor e tudo o que 
		--  Emily Dickinson; poeta americana. 

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