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Re: simple-cdd description

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:

Great.  Would you volunteer to write a paragraph about it in the

but that is a short paragraph that you quoted above :)

i could probably write a little more (though there's not a whole lot to
it). where exactly do you propose to put it?  should i just post it to
the list?
It's up to you which option of the following you would prefer:

   1. Post it to the list. (I will grab it up and move it to the right
      place in the doc)
   2. Post it to me in private.
   3. Ask for SVN access and insert it yourself into the docs.
      [BTW, we did not yet reached a state where SVN changes are forewarded
       to the list again - I hope we can do something at DebConf ...]

Kind regards and thanks for working on simple-cdd



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