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Re: multilevel configuration

[moving to debian-custom]

Monday 20 June 2005 23:03 Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

> it still does not solve the issues of applying global choices across
> packages - like preferred language, secondary languages, sound daemon,
> desktop suite (which reflect choice of mail client, web browser, chat
> client, file browser and default theme on OpenOffice) and so on.

In CFG, I think the idea was to use references on the absteaction layer to 
link or point to settings (values) in other parts (nodes) of the  abstraction 

Setting the defaults for redundant settings, that are commonly scattered 
around (like DNS settings etc.) to be pointers to a node that represents a 
system default could then reduce the redundancy. (On the abstraction layer)

So for example changing the default language (locale) would also set the 
package selecion tool to include that language (possibly a default debtags 
query argument to get the localised package selection).

Aside to default to the central prefered language the meta-config description 
file of the package selection tool includes the steps necessary to activate 
any changes. So changing the prefered language can result in drawing in and 
downloading the corresponding language files of installed packages. (To 
download or not would be a "meta variable" that only exists on the 
abstratcion layer, a CFG setting mapped into the package selection tool's 
node. Another example for a meta variable could be things like the sound 
deamon, in case no separate system file exists for that setting.)


I could't follow (up) much discussions the last weeks. Regarding me looking at 
"tweaks" though, I think I may have had a wrong impression first. The tweaks 
idea seems to work perfectly with CFG, just as with other config management 

In fact a tweaks package with CFG defninitions in it might be the proper 
debian-way to provide a central repository for them when they are not part of 
the packages themself. (Refered to as "web repository" in some CFG proposal.)

- Christian

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