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Re: CDD booth @ LinuxTag

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Enrico Zini wrote:

If you were scheduled for a CDD talk @LinuxTag and you want me to
replace you, just let me know.
Well, I do not really want you to replace _me_ but if you would take
over my role in holding a CDD talk this would be great and would reduce
my hedache because beeing unable to do what I promissed to do.

I guess you will stick to your style of presentation and you will not
need any CDD material for the talk.  The abstract of the talk I planed
is at


My goal was to catch some people to join the cddtk effort of Sergio
and others.  My suggestion would be you could also say something about
DebTags - CDD relation.  I did not yet prepared some written stuff except
of the material from the past at


Feel free to contact me in private if you want to know more details.

Not really a CDD talk was my second proposal


even if I thought I found a reasonable way to explain my (grand)mother
what I'm doing all night long with this stupid blinking machine by
hacking on the keyboard.  As I said in a previous mail there is a
continuosely growing amount of written text.  I updated the abstract
record of this talk which now contains a link to the slides and the
text in source and PDF.

Kind regards



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